Auto Pilot Go Interview w/ Matt Kidr

March 13, 2019



When I was introduced to your music I was surprised that you had split before the initial EP was released. Can you tell us about that?  

Yeah, the band formed in 2009 and we recorded the White Light EP, but due to artistic frustrations basically we split and it got shelved, it was only 10 years ago, but it was a difficult climate to get your stuff heard. Social media has created a better live scene in the UK now and a platform to showcase yourself. I just thank God we recorded those songs and they didn’t just disappear.

What was the catalyst for the reunion?

So yeah, fast forward to 2017, I was going through my records and found the forgotten old EP. I gave it a play and just thought wow, it was very raw, recorded not very well , as we had like zero budget, but it’s just got this energy and cool blend of sounds. I decided to release it digitally and there was a great reaction.  I’d lost contact with Jake, but I tracked him down. He re-listened to it and thought the same as me. We went back to the studio, jammed, we brought in Beccy to play bass. We got all these new songs together, first new one was ‘Punk Don’t Break My Heart’ , then I think it was ‘The Number &’ and we ended up with this new album, Buzz’ard.



Did the members still play music after the split?

Yeah of course we kept playing during the split with different things for each of us. 

I was hearing some raw sounding Nirvana on the album. Is that an accurate assessment of the sound?

Well yeah that’s fair, definitely a Nirvana influence, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, blink182, the punky element of Metallica, a lot of 90s American stuff. But there’s a British flavour, I like to keep the songs simple, stripped back, lyrically and musically, catchy lyrical hooks. I love hearing the little production touches in those classic records, Things to get your ear into. I love this reverse reverb that we used on the chorus vocals of ‘Peace Love’, at first I wanted it on the vocals for the whole song but it just sounded wrong. The way its just in the chorus, to me, makes that song special. We were lucky to get Adam engineering and producing us.




Where did the band name come from?

Jake had that band name in his mind when we first ever met. So we just went with it. I don’t think there’s any meaning to the name to be honest.

What do you like most about playing live?

Playing live is still a creative place where you’re still crafting the songs. You’re always trying to find a better way to play a song, give it energy, no matter how much you practice, you can’t recreate that live factor. Also meeting other bands that are playing the same show is always fun.



What's the best way for people to find your music?

All our music is on iTunes, Spotify and all the other streaming sites. We also sell our CDs at our shows.

What is a challenge you face as a band and have you been able to overcome that?

There’s financial pressure that comes along with being in a band. To overcome that you gotta do shit loads of overtime, practicing and recording all have a cost. But we love what we do, it’s in the blood, so it’s all worth it a million times over.  


Well thank you for taking the time to speak with us Matt. Looking forward to more music in the future and fingers crossed, that I get a chance to catch you live.




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