Endless Taile Interview

January 29, 2019


Joe: Thank you for taking the time to do this. Your band was rocking at Connie's on 420. What are some of your influences musically? Our web mistress and myself detected some Queens of the Stone Age. Would we be right?


Dusty: For sure love QotSA and just about anything else down the rabbit hole of quality music they lead to. From EoDM to Kyuss of course and any other awesome grunge from the 90's including bands like Fu Manchu and Sleep ...Tool ...Primus ...any solid "rock" music from any era really. Hefty portions of punk and metal and just great music in general. Plenty of progressive, jam, and fusion stuff like anything James Brown, Miles Davis or John Mclaughlin and that crew of players. Funkadelic without a doubt can't leave out Hendrix or Santana, the Grateful Dead family of stuff, Devo. If it's innovative or just dripping with soul, you can bet we're listening and learning.


Joe: For someone who has never heard Endless Taile, describe your show and sound.


Dusty: So take all our favorite things about the bands mentioned and why we love them, roll it all up it into one giant, fatty dutch and take as much as you can handle to the head but, remember to share and play nice.




Joe: Where did the name Endless Taile come from?


Dusty: Picking a band name is a real pain. Most of the cool ones are taken and the rest of the memorable unique or quirky ones tend to box you in or not sum up the vibe of the band at all. I knew I wanted this project to be one of the heaviest, gnarliest yet most versatile power trios ever so I needed something timeless and universal, yet simple and still unique enough while having the depth of a bottomless pit if you ponder what it means. I grew up in the 80's so Never-Ending Story is one of those things floating around my head that came to mind. I was like," I want something like that" half jokingly ...so Endless and then Tale but i also liked what came with Endless Tail ...that more primal animal aspect ...i was bouncing back and forth, not knowing which to choose or if either was even unique enough when a friend suggested "why not combine them”. BINGO! Light bulb flash like a lightning bolt. It made perfect sense to keep the idea but, with the mashed up spelling especially since I love bending the rules of grammar and language for the sake of music and art. My favorite part of writing lyrics is it can be total bastard poetry. So now the name had all the elements that make for a solid band moniker including that whole subversive goofiness at-first-glance thing. The rest is future history.




Joe: Great movie. How did the band get together and how long have you been doing music together?


Dusty: We are going on our 4th year as an actual band and feeling stronger than ever.We have slowly but, steadily grown from a tiny seed of an idea into a solid, deep-rooted tree. The story of how it all came together is pretty long and convoluted. Definitely some supernatural forces at play but, it seems like fate had it in the cards to unite the 3 of us to do what we all love to do. You have the fact Jake and Zach are twins that were into music since day one so there's that. I also had a passion for music my whole life. We were all cutting our teeth on our own paths when I first met Jake around 2010. Ironically, it was various people that didn't necessarily have our best interests in mind or truly share our collective vision that got us acquainted and though there was a special spark right away, it took some time for the obstacles to fall off.


Joe: For anyone looking for music and merch, where can they find it?


Dusty: Please visit and support us at EndlessTaile.BandCamp.com. We really love the artist-friendly platform BandCamp has created for us as a D.I.Y band. Unlike other services most of it ends up in our pockets so we can put more back into the music which is the goal and we can provide our listeners with the highest quality digital versions of our music at no extra cost. You will also be able to order other Endless Taile swag online soon enough but, the best way is to come out to a live show!




Joe: 420 was the official release of your new material so can we expect to see more shows out of you?


Dusty: Absolutely! We live to play live and we love to record fresh music so expect plenty more of both.




Joe: Any spots or areas you are looking to play that you haven't yet?


Dusty: Yes ...all the spots we haven't played yet! If there's people willing to listen we will be there. Part of the goal with this band is to be a relentless live music touring machine. That's the next phase we are working on now. To be more specific I love to perform outside, “Sky Church” as Hendrix like to call it and I share that sentiment, so it would be a dream come true to deliver the jams at say the Camden Waterfront or the Mann Center as far as our local and Red Rocks in Colorado.Also, South America seems to love their rock music at the moment so that would also be super cool. Australia, Japan ...I'd love to see Endless Taile get around the world.




Joe: What's your feeling on social media for gaining fans as opposed to playing live and word of mouth?


Dusty: An uncensored, unbiased, neutral internet is an amazing tool for connecting to people around the world but, any type of social media format is a devil with a blue dress on because free speech and organic exposure to the public are easily diverted or completely suppressed. All the social networks have devolved into propaganda pushers for corporate interests. The artists you see and talk about are the ones 'they' want you to, thanks to things like artificially inflated stats. It's become a very sad situation but, more people are beginning to realize they're being fooled and returning full circle to the old ways. The mystique of bands in the past was the playing live/word of mouth reputation you mention. As a fan, the magic used to be being one of the first to discover an awesome new band at a show or late night on the radio when DJ's used to have a say or being initiated by a trusted friend that vouches for a great album. As an artist, it was earning your stripes the hard way so you actually establish a strong foundation to stand on when the hard times come knocking and they always will. Living, eating and breathing the music you love as a lifestyle whether the money is there or not, whether your friends or family care or not, whether anyone else cares or not, it's just you and the music ‘til everyone finally pulls their head out of the digital asshole it's currently stuck in.




Joe: Are there any stories from the road or fan interaction stories that you like to share with people?


Dusty: Any chance we get to toke up with fans is always a good time. Randomly seeing our band T~shirt being worn around town or onstage by another rad musician ...the simple pleasures in life. I would just like to thank you for asking some great questions and giving us this opportunity to express ourselves and shine some more light into the world of Endless Taile.


Joe: The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for doing this.



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