Jack Stauber

November 22, 2018

HiLo by Jack Stauber

Released April 2018


Jack Stauber, is a small, yet very impressive artist, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, making music. His sound is very “strange”, when compared to other modern music being made today, in the sense that it's still keeping an 80/90s aesthetic alive... IN 2018! Not only that, Jack Stauber clearly does put lots of work into every song he creates, making each one a memorable experience.


Personally, I really enjoy his latest album, HiLo. HiLo, is a prime example of what kind of music he creates; its jam packed with some of his greatest works, like track 3, Coconut Ranger, and track 5, John & Nancy. He’s been making music since 2013, starting with his first album, Finite Form. I would like to point out track 4 on HiLo, Leopard. He starts off the song with a breezy, easy, laid back sound, with loud, strong guitar plucks, and transitions to a jazzy, smooth sound like the legend himself Frank Sinatra! Then, he goes into a downward spiral to a strange, and wacky “gobbledygo


ok” sound, if you will. His words become slurred and confusing in this segment of the song, making the lyrics unclear to any first time listener. Then, he goes into a trance like state with a waltzy sound, sending the listener into a calm, relaxed mood, keeping you anxious for what's yet to come, especially after what they experienced with the bewildering, and somewhat scary moment of confusion they just witnessed. And then, he transitions once more to of all things, an 8-bit, retro arcade style, exclaiming, “OPEN UP! OPEN UP! I”M ALIVE!” in a bit-crushed voice. Plus, he continues the song with a psychedelic 60’s/ 70’s vibe, with backwards guitars, and groovy reflection in his words and tone. Finally, he ends the song in a baroque, bizarre, and blitzed sound, making the listener uneasy once again. You can hear faintly in the background Jack is laughing. At you. Then we come to an end. This style of music could only work for Stauber. He pulls it off with such ease, and in such little time. The song is only a few seconds over 4 minutes. Truly, a feat only he can achieve. Leopard feels demonic, and it engages the listener, yets scares them. It fills them with anticipation, and fear, brewing them together perfectly, like a wizard making a potion; a potion for genius music. It’s like when a painter combines colors. This is because, It is art in its purest form.


Look for more Jack Stauber on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.



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