Bats in the Wall Interview

September 17, 2018




Margo Love Jones - vocals, bass

Dorian Taylor - vocals, guitar

Michael Kelliher - guitar

Bea Beachley - drums


Hey thanks for doing the interview. Loved your set at Bar XIII. Can't believe that was only the second show for yoHey thanks for doing the interview. Loved your set at Bar XIII. Can't believe that was only the second show for you. When did you get together and decide to do the band and what was everybody's musical background? 


Margo had been playing acoustic shows with Mark McCaffery and was looking to put together a full punk band for her songs. Bea, a fairly novice drummer, met Margo met at a Disaster Committee/Droogettes show in Philly in April of 2017. Colby, who was teaching drums to Dorian and Bea, hooked Margo and Bea up with Dorian, and then generously filled in on guitar and helped write drum beats, until Mike could take on the gig full-time as the second guitarist.. And a band was born.


Wow. Bea - only a couple years on drums? What made you decide to start Wow. Bea - only a couple years on drums? What made you decide to start playing and are there any other instruments you want to learn?


I always wanted to play the drums as a kid but never really pursued it. Luckily, I did learn to read music playing piano which helped me pick up drums more quickly. After spending most of my young adult life wishing I’d taken up drumming, I finally made the decision to start taking lessons at a Guided by Voices show, where I saw guys in their 60’s rocking out. I was like, “hell, I could start now and be pretty decent when I’m 60!” But honestly, I didn’t even know how to hold sticks when I started so my goal was just to be able to play along with some songs - I definitely didn’t imagine I’d be playing out.


How many songs have you written together now and can we expect more shows from you?


We have 9 songs so far. Margo came in with 3 songs -- Down Anymore, Everything and Nothing, and Magic Can. Dorian wrote Hungry Goddess and Monsters on Maple. Colby added drums and Bea wrote lyrics. The two songs that were really written by the whole band are “Sociopath” and “Never Rock n’ Roll Enough,” but we work really well together adding our own ideas to whatever we are working on as individuals.


Where would be the place to find your music when released?


We just started playing out (just five shows so far!), and we’ve just been recording on our phones for practice. If and when we have something finished, we’ll definitely do some kind of release party and upload our demos on bandcamp!


Any merch available yet?


Nope – we’re working on a logo, and we’re close, but are trying to perfect the bat’s socks. Pat Higgins from Disaster Committee is on it!


What are the influences of the band and how do you describe your music to someone who has never heard you?


NOFX, Anti-Flag, David Bowie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Harvey Danger, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, John Coltrane, The Offspring, Bad Religion, and many more awesome bands that we can’t think of right now! Michael even plays in a metal slide from this new gig. We like the sloshy, messy punk sound but tend to add funky, fun melodies as well. What’s cool about group writing is that we have some songs that sound really different from the others. Right before your set I was talking to Doug from Welter. He said you guys were “the best band in Delaware.”


How does it feel to receive praise from local bands and do you feel they support each other enough?


It feels awesome and humbling. One thing we love is that we’re kind of all trying to get better at instruments we have more or less familiarity with. Margo used to play bass in a punk band in high school, then was playing mostly acoustic guitar for a while, and now she’s playing bass again. Michael has been playing guitar over 30 years and got his first electric guitar in 1987. Dorian plays drums, bass, and guitar, but drums have been his main instrument. Bea has only been playing drums for a few years (Chris Fanny from Disaster was her first teacher), and had never played out before our band.


So we’re really supportive and patient of where we all are, and we work hard. We’re really appreciative of the support that really established local bands like Welter, Disaster Committee, and the Droogettes have given to a fledgling band like ours! Not surprising though since they’re all pretty awesome people. We’ve been going to punk shows in Delaware and Philly for years so we already know most of the band members well. We were really honored to have been asked to play with them!


So where did the band name come from? I really dig it.


We went through a bunch of names and couldn’t agree (Brainwreck, Russian Ties, and Galactic Shrimp were among them!), and then one day Dorian came in and said he and a friend had thought of Bats in the Wall, (because his friend had actual bats living in her walls that kept her up all night), and we were all just like, “Cool – sounds like us” and went with it.


Do you plan on using social media to gain fans or at least get them out to the shows? Do you find it easier now with the internet to get music out ala bandcamp, soundcloud, etc?


Yeah, Facebook and Instagram have been our primary medium for getting and advertising shows and posting videos – it’s been cool that local bars and bands have reached out. Ultimately we’ll get recordings up on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc. So far we have a few videos from our gigs on Youtube.


Wildcard question. If each band member had a super power, what would it be?


Margo - Teleportation. It would come in handy if we get double booked again and definitely make it easier for me to travel to Russia to see my family


Dorian - The power to warp reality using madness like in the comic book Shade the Changing Man


Bea - Witch-like powers to just make cool stuff happen. Like putting Trump in handcuffs in the back of a cop car en route to a Mexican jail.


Michael-Telepathy like Aquaman communicating with sea life. However, I would communicate with all land animals. Remind them not to cross the road and get hit by cars. TERRAMAN! the road and get hit by cars. TERRAMAN!!


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