Alright Junior

May 4, 2018

Photography by: Danielle Neilio.

Pictured left to right: 

Chris Pires- Drummer, 

Jace Miller- Guitar/ Vocals,

Jamie Victor- Bass/Vocals

New Album available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc!!!



JOE: Thanks for taking the time to talk me. Really appreciate it and loved watching you play live. Definitely made a big fan here. Can you tell me how AJ came about?

JACE: Absolutely! Thank you for wanting to talk about the band and this endeavor here, it's more than appreciated. I'm glad to hear that our music and live performance translated to you, it means a lot. As far as how Alright Junior came about, this came together after a couple bands had went there separate ways and out of those ashes came this band. Continuing to follow our hearts and just do what we love to music.

JOE: Any good stories to share from the road or about fans? I've seen you interact with people in the audience that have come to see you, so I sense there is a strong band/fan bond.

JACE: The road is such a special place to be and we whole-heartedly love it. The people we meet at shows and friends we make along the way really puts life into perspective. So many places, so many people, so many different ways of thought, but we all still feel like we're in the same boat. The conversations are paramount and the best times sneak up on you. So, yes the bond there is strong between us and those that follow us, in regards to our music. In fact, we do have a wonderful friendship that grew out of meeting people right in your area of Delaware. We were opening for the Toadies in the Philly area and we had a nice response from the crowd afterwards at our merch table, but two people really stood out, Danny and Beth Reimer. Two of the sweetest people we've ever met, just very genuine human beings. That connect is what this is all about. Danny right now is courageously fighting and beating cancer and we'll be playing a benefit for him on March 24th. I know that's not the most Motley Crue type of story, haha, but it's these relationships that encompass that bond.

JOE: Great to hear that your friend Danny is beating cancer. I plan to attend the benefit and will definitely share the event on our page and social media outlets. Great cause and with rock and roll, great times.


JACE: Danny is a damn trooper, really appreciate the help in pushing that. There are two different benefit shows for cancer, actually. BrainFest V on May 12th is an event that I help book and put together with my girlfriend, Erin, who is a brain cancer survivor. Talk about troopers. You met her in DE with me. Every year since she beat that, it's been a goal of hers to put a music fest together that helps raise money and awareness for the American Brain Tumor Association. I'm very thankful to be a part of doing that every year, it means a lot to us. I've had many people in my family pass away from different types of cancer, including my father when I was 12 years old, so all of this is giving a little back in the effort to help others.

JOE: What do you enjoy most about the music making process?

JACE: My most favorite part is writing the lyrics because that is when I'm able to connect the feeling of the song to the sounds that were written.

JOE: Listening to the lyrics, which are sung very passionately, I feel as though you are definitely telling a story. Are you pulling from your own experiences? Do you find it a therapeutic way of releasing anything pent up?

JACE: Passionate, indeed. Everything is pulled from personal experience, so it's most certainly a therapy. That's exactly what I've always called it for me. I'd be dead without it and I'm sure the guys wouldn't mind me saying the same for them. Being on stage, whether it's in front of the bartender and the bar-back cutting lemons, or we're in front of 7,000 people, that's the only time I feel in the right place. It's like grasping that last bit of air that you needed to keep on going. Every time.

JOE: For those that haven't seen you live, describe how an AJ show would be?

JACE: Our shows will be energetic, heartfelt, and you'll get our every bit of blood, sweat, and tears. We promise you our all. We want you to walk away connecting and feeling something. Like I said, music has forever changed our lives and continue to do so, any opportunity to be able to make that happen for another individual is priceless. Again, that's what it's all about. It's therapy for us and if it can be therapy for you, we can come to an understanding without ever even knowing each other. That's something special.


Photography by: Danielle Neilio.


JOE: When I heard the guitar riff in "Hold on To My Breath Again" I sensed a Radiohead vibe. Assuming I'm right, what are some other influences for the band?

JACE: You hit it right on the head there with that song and as an influence. Radiohead has always been one of my favorites of all time and when we were recording that one, we kept hearing that vibe for sure. I didn't notice it during the writing process as much, but hearing from a different perspective really made that apparent. Other influences are all over the place but as far as some more main stream ones, definitely Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, The Beatles, and I could go on for a few days in any direction.

JOE: Where can readers buy your music and merchandise? I know I'd say go to the show because it's amazing, but if they can't make it out....

JACE: If you dig, you are welcome to go to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, or any of the main outlets to buy the music. Our merchandise can be ordered through us directly via our FB page "shop" section or even better, at a show straight from our beaten hands, haha.

JOE: We spoke briefly about the Philly School of Rock and your involvement. How did that come about and what's it like working with a younger generation of aspiring musicians?

JACE: It's the most inspiring job that I've every had and I'm very grateful to be part of such an amazing program. My involvement starts with how I got to meet the Owner of School of Rock Philadelphia, Michael Morpurgo and Regional Music Director, Dante Cimino. We connected years ago through a mutual friend when I was in my previous band and they were helping produce songs. I was a teenager and they were in an amazing band called Dandelion that I had some real noise in the scene and around the globe. They had disbanded and were working in other projects at this time and it all just worked out that we'd be working on songs together. A wonderful experience and I learned a lot from them. Fast forward a decade and we came back into contact and before you know it, I'm the General Manager and Music Director of the Philly school. It's priceless being able to pass along the passion that has changed my life and seeing music change their lives in real time.

JOE: Is there any new music in the works? If so, when might we expect to hear it?

JACE: Absolutely, we are writing new music right now. Depending upon when this process has come to fruition, I'd say looking at Summer to hit the studio. We are really looking forward to getting back in with this new batch of tunes that we have, so far.

JOE: Final question is the wildcard question? You get to spend the day with any character from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Who would it be?

JACE: Haha, I'm going with Charlie, hands down.

JOE: Also, congratulations on being named "Artist of the Month" for WMMR 93.3 in Philly.

JACE: Thank you so much about the WMMR nod, that's always a good feeling to have the support of the area radio stations. We've been very fortunate to get some love from them all and we can't say thank you enough to all of those that have been supporting us for years.











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