Mac Sabbath

March 26, 2018


Photo by Jeremy Saffer


JOE: Mac Sabbath is such an interesting band. Where did they come from?


It is all the brainchild of Ronald Osborne. He informed me that he has traveled here through some sort of worm hole from a very delicate part of anti-reality. It seems to be a simpler yet more psychedelic time, where trippy heavy rock was coupled with kind mutated monsters living in enchanted forests with trees that bare veggie burgers instead of fruit. You know, the 1970's. He is quite the fish out of water here. It's my job to keep the balance and not throw off the delicate time space continuum.


JP:What is the goal that the band hopes to accomplish through their music?


To save you all from the current state of music and sustenance and spread the word of a time where food and rock were still real. Not like the “conventional” produce and entertainment of todays world.


JP:Are there any memorable stories about shows/fans that you can share?


Recently Mac Sabbath did a new years eve show with the band the Dwarves. At the end, Slayer MacCheeze switched to keyboards. The Fresh Prince of Darkness took over on guitar. Blag Dahlia and Ronald Osbourne belted out a duet of an OREO Speedwagon song While He Who Can Not Be Named was sweeping the stage in his leather G-string and gimp mask. Was like nothing I’ve seen before or will see again.


JP: Has there been much or any push from the evil fast food chains against the message that Mac Sabbath is bringing to the masses?


Not at all. I don’t think it would look good for them to argue with the overwhelming truth.


JP: How would you describe the show to a person who has never seen Mac Sabbath?


Mutated fast food mascots turning on their creators by blasting out heath friendly defiant Black Sabbath music and lyrics about the effects of Azodicarbonamide and how it’s illegal in other counties besides the U.S. Mean while performing magic tricks of purgatory proportions. Laser eye skull clowns tower over the crowd spewing red and yellow smoke and giant Burgers bounce on the audience. It’s a huge theatrical multi media production with a social conscience. Something that has to be experienced by all the body’s senses live to appreciate. Something you will never forget.


JP: How did the tour with Galactic Empire come about? Are they conspiring together to create total domination of the rock scene?


When Ronald Osboune is doing his time space leaps he’s bound to pick up some characters from the dark side.  Also I think it has something to do with an unhappy meal toy.


JP: What was the idea of the flexidisc record being released? I remember as a kid getting them in story books and loving them. Is it a throwback to their childhood perhaps?


You are close, Ronald is not just a child of the 70’s. He literally is a child in the 70’s. He just pops in on us once and a while to help. It’s about the most modern technology I could pull off dealing with such an individual. Did we mention it comes in a Mac Sabbath coloring book? For now, only available at the merch booth on tour.


 JP: Will there be other formats the music will be available on in the future?


Hard to predict the future even with a time machine.


JP: Where can fans find/buy Mac merch? 


Most of the stuff is at the shows but you can find some at Some things will surprise you, not your ordinary merch.


10) Final question! How would the band feel about using a public restroom at a fast food chain such as Taco Bell?


In the words of Crispin Glover, "I would prefer not to" but, 6 week tour coming up. Stranger things have happened.










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